About Us

About Us

Itai Cahan holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture, a master’s degree in architecture and structure preservation from the Technion, and a bachelor’s degree in education.

After completing his studies, Itai trained in three architecture studios, specializing in residential projects, hotel design and interior design for both private and business clients.

In 2010 Itai started an independent studio in Tel Aviv, dealing with urban renewal projects in the Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan area, private construction and interior design.

Itai and his team provide comprehensive service, taking projects from the initial planning stage to the final interior design of buildings and apartments.

The studio’s design language follows soft, modern and simple styles, accompanied by classical design and planning elements and with a preference for clean lines.

The team is always attentive and attuned to the needs and desires of our clients, while providing clients with guidance and professional direction, always geared at reaching the perfect result and ensuring client satisfaction.

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